Draw any line, shape, write text, erase directly on the page, take a screenshot of what you have drawn

Draw any shapes, write text, erase directly on the page, take a screenshot of what you have drawn..

WebPaint is really useful and multifunction app to extend your Chrome browser possibilities.
Easy to use:
* Click on icon
* Set your number of second (the same one or different if you want random delay).
* Click "START" to activate
* Click "STOP" to pause
Set the interval in seconds and autorefresher will reload the page with random timing!

"Easy Auto Refresh FREE - random interval" - small extention with a few options. Auto-refresh and auto-reload pages after any number of seconds.

It automatically reloads web pages after any number of seconds you set in settings.
Create different figures, choose the size of the figures, draw lines or add text directly on the webpage while browsing. In general, Web paint extension has basic features of Paint for windows. Web paint extension may come in handy for many different purposes - when you just want to have fun while browsing or if you need to highlight some important information or want to draw a scheme etc. Install this extension and improve your chrome browser. Let`s make your browsing comfortable and pleasant. Install, have fun and don`t forget to share with friends.
Invite all friends to the Facebook Event or to like your page. Also works with people, who liked your page posts! | FREE and NO ADS.

You can invite everyone who liked your post to invite also your page for FREE!!!

Just install this extension, open the list of likers and run the script. So simple!
Get more likes on facebook page using our extension! Invite all post likers for Facebook

Our extension can INVITE likers, friends in the new Facebook layout (design 2020). Also you can invite friends to events on your Facebook page in one click.

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